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K9 TALK   and   Make a Difference to One Dog 

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Offered by Make A Difference To One Dog©  

For shelters - individual presentations or combined:

Introduction to Shelter Dogs:  For shelter dog volunteers and staff. Why dogs get surrendered, stresses of shelter life for the dog, body language of stress and anxiety, 12 steps to responsible volunteering with dogs, and Kennel Manners. 2 hours.

Shelter Dog Handling and Training: How to handle the leash for safety, training tools, entering and exiting kennels, hows and whys of clicker training in the shelter, how to train basic skills to shelter dogs. 1.5 hours

Stress - Shelter Dog Enemy #1: What is stress and what causes it,  and how to help alleviate stress in shelter dogs. 30 minutes.

Presentations coming soon - 

For shelters and general public:

Puppies: Overall view of puppy ownership. 1 hour

Adolescent Dogs: A realistic view of adolescent dogs. 1 hour

For veterinarians, general public and shelters:

Currently offered through K9 Talk:

Private consultations with veterinarian referral only. Fees vary. 

Canine Good Citizen testing - private or group. Fees vary.